enterpreneurship programenterpreneurship programenterpreneurship program
Are your programs online or in person?

All of our programs are virtual so you can attend from anywhere in the world!

What is the format?

Each program has live Zoom sessions with our professional mentors where you'll learn about their career path and what a day looks like in their field. All programs also have optional Zoom office hours with the Ratio 21 team. Outside of the live sessions, you'll work on projects on your own and collaborate with your peers via our Slack community.

When are the live sessions?

Our tentative live session schedules will be announced at least one month prior to your start date. We offer day and evening sessions so you can fit us into your busy summer schedule. All of the live sessions are recorded and you can complete the entire program asynchronously if you're unable to attend live.

What are the dates of the programs?

Our Pre-Med Bootcamp runs from June 1 to August 31st with flexible, drop-in scheduling that allows you to attend the sessions you're most interested in and that work best for your schedule. All other programs run from July 1st to July 31st.

How much are the summer programs?

Our Pre-Med Bootcamp is $499. All other programs are $299.

How can students ask questions or get one-on-one support?

All of our programs include optional office hours with members of the Ratio 21 team. During office hours, you can ask questions and get support on your projects.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Absolutely! All students who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion that they can put on their college applications and resumes.

What if I can’t attend one or all the live sessions?

As we said above, don’t worry. We know that every family’s needs are different, and Ratio 21 is designed to be flexible. Some of our students attend all the live sessions, some attend a few, and some just watch the recorded sessions. Every family can decide for itself what works best

What are some of the benefits of taking Ratio 21’s extracurriculars?

Our extracurriculars are designed to help high school aged students in many ways. Among other benefits, you will meet adult mentors and accomplished experts who can introduce you to new fields and answer your questions. You will get to “test-drive” careers and explore work options. You will participate in cutting-edge extracurriculars that you can list on your college applications. You will also learn to collaborate with other students (vital skills for your working life), working under the supervision of our instructors to produce research projects and other specific outputs that you can share with college admissions officers.

Will Ratio 21’s extracurriculars help me get into college?

We would never promise that our programs alone can get you into college, but college admissions offices do look closely for extracurricular activities. If you really want to see maximum benefit, we recommend that you don’t simply attend the sessions but also work hard to produce meaningful research and other projects under the supervision of our guides. We also introduce you to a number of potential mentors through the programs, and you might find it helpful to form relationships with them (they are all busy people, so please don’t be too insistent!).

Can I take the programs during the school year?

Absolutely! These programs are designed to work just like real-world extracurriculars or clubs, which last the whole year. The live sessions are scheduled for evenings, after school hours, and if they conflict with other activities you can always watch recordings later. Your collaboration with other students and time with mentors can happen asynchronously or at a time of your choosing.

Can I take the programs if I don’t live in the USA?

Yes! We have students from around the world, and if you’re in a different time zone you can watch the class recordings at a time that works for you.

How much do the programs cost?

The programs cost $99 per week, or they are available at a discounted rate of $300 if you sign up for a four week module ahead of time. All course payments are refundable after the first week if you are not fully satisfied.

Are there scholarships available? 

Ratio 21 is committed to ensuring accessibility and a diverse student body. We have a limited number of scholarships for students who can demonstrate true need. Please write to us if you’re interested.