Careers in Finance: Investment Banking, VCs, Private Equity & More

In this program, experienced professionals from a variety of fields (e.g., venture capital, banking, securities, private equity, accounting, hedge funds, insurance) will demystify finance and help you explore various career paths. You will also learn what skills to build and classes to take now to get into college, business school, and related graduate programs.

Your Program Lead
Dr. Julia Raiskin
Dr. Julia Raiskin
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Our instructors and guest speakers come from elite universities and companies.

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Dr. Julia Raiskin

Dr. Julia Raiskin

Your Program Lead
Harvard University, Oxford University

Dr. Raiskin is the Asia Pacific Head of Markets at Citigroup, one of the largest financial institutions in the world. In her 25-year career, she has also worked at Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers across a range of roles and specialties. She is a strong advocate for the role of women and greater diversity in banking. Dr. Raiskin completed her undergraduate degree at Harvard University, and has a doctorate in law from Oxford University, where she was a Rhodes Scholar.

Expert Speakers

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We'll be adding more expert speakers on a regular basis. All speakers are subject to change and will include a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions.
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Program Outcomes

  • Explore and understand various career tracks in finance
  • Meet a diverse range of professionals and experts to learn about their career paths and roles
  • Take initiative to reach out for informational interviews with people in the industry
  • Learn from a group of passionate, motivated peers

Program Outline

enterpreneurship program
Note: Syllabus is subject to change based on availability of guest speakers
Week 1 - Intro to Finance; Overview of Banking & Insurance
  • Introductions
  • Overview of different careers in finance, MBAs, and other finance-related graduate programs
  • Understanding banking and insurance
  • Overview of different jobs in banking and insurance
  • Q&A with Dr. Julia Raiskin
  • Kick-off informational interview project
Week 2 - Overview of Accounting and Tax
  • What is accounting?
  • Overview of different types of accounting jobs
  • Overview of other jobs in tax
  • Q&A with expert
  • Decide on 5 people to reach out to for informational interview
Week 3 - Overview of Financial Planning & Investment Banking
  • What is financial advising and planning?
  • Overview of different types of financial advisors and planners
  • What is investment banking?
  • Overview of different types of careers in investment banking
  • Q&A with expert
  • Finalize questions and email / LinkedIn pitch for informational interviews
Week 4 - Overview of VC & Private Equity
  • What is a VC?  
  • What jobs exist in VC?
  • Q&A with Roy Bahat, head of Bloomberg Beta
  • What is private equity?
  • What jobs exist in private equity?
  • Send informational interview requests

What Our Students Say

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What Makes Us Different

Every school has its own way of teaching and learning (aka “pedagogy”). Here's what you can expect from ours.

enterpreneurship programenterpreneurship programenterpreneurship program
education platform online
Our programs are designed to fit your schedule. We offer live sessions that are recorded as well as asynchronous content.
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Working in the real-world is collaborative and team-based. You'll work with and learn from a cohort of motivated, talented peers.
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We believe you’ll learn by doing. You'll learn new skills AND you'll build something tangible in the real world.
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Build A Network
You'll build a vast network of peers and mentors that you can stay in touch with for years to come.
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College Ready
Colleges are looking for students who have done something different and made real things in the world. Ratio 21 will help you stand out.
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Leadership Opportunities
After completion of our programs, we have various leadership opportunities available including mentorship and a student advisory committee.
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Official Certificate
All students who complete the program will receive an official Ratio 21 Certificate of Completion.
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You'll have the opportunity to really take ownership over your individual experience and make the most of each session.

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$99 per week

Our programs run for four weeks. You can pay week by week or sign up for the whole program at a discounted rate of $300.
Spots are filling up fast. Reserve your seat now for only $49 (deposit applied to your first week of the program).
Two one-hour Zoom sessions each week
Weekly projects that will be worked on asynchronously
Community of other passionate, driven students
Expert mentors to support you throughout the program
Money-back guarantee: love it, or we'll give you your money back
Need-based scholarships available for students who cannot afford the program
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Seats are filling up quickly, so we recommend reserving your seat right away!