Our Methodology

enterpreneurship programenterpreneurship programenterpreneurship program
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Everything else has changed: Why shouldn’t education?

Covid-19 has taught us to imagine the unimaginable. The world has just undergone a massive experiment in online learning. We now know that some forms of digital learning can work — even work better — and that some things don’t work at all.

At Ratio 21, we’re synthesizing the lessons of recent years to create a new kind of education for high school aged children.

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High school like you’ve never seen it before. The choice is yours!

We offer a unique mix of online and offline learning, combining the flexibility and convenience of technology with the social benefits and friendships of real-world learning. Choose individual courses or extracurriculars to supplement your existing high school, or opt for our full high school degree —all taught by experienced teachers and real-world makers, using our proprietary project-based, personalized learning methodology. We are committed to equity and diversity, offering need-based scholarships in all our classes.

Our Programs are designed for 21st century relevance. We take existing, proven methods, and update them with the latest skills and knowledge, ensuring that children are prepared for this era of unprecedented change.

Our Extracurriculars

enterpreneurship programenterpreneurship program
Our online extracurriculars are collaborative, engaging, and outcome-driven. They are taught by top university graduates and experts in the field who bring practical experience to the digital classroom. With Ratio 21, you will not only acquire knowledge -- you'll also get the chance to do, make, build, and explore.